Project Update – 10/07/2011

Since acquiring the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home in April 2011, all materials added by occupants after the Cash family have been removed. Fortunately, most of the original building materials remain and have been protected under later layers of wall paneling, flooring and dropped ceilings.

Stabilization efforts also have been completed, including placing a protective covering on the roof, removing metal sheeting from the foundation to allow the house to breathe and dry out, installing a sump pump to get rid of excess moisture under the house, bracing the northwest corner of the house, and placing plywood over the doors and windows.

Architectural drawings of the original home have been completed, and research on the original structure and furnishings is underway. It is expected that bids for the actual restoration work will be issued in October, with plans to have the home open to the public by June 2013.